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Book: Gardening Science - the Vegetable Kingdom
Chapter: Chapter 1: Plant Nomenclature

Names of plant hybrids

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997. Names of hybrids are composed of the specific names of both parents: thus Passiflora c�rulco-racemosa, is applied to a hybrid passion-flower raised from the seed of P. racemosa fertilised by the pollen of P. c�rulea. As, however, it has been found that some hybrids are not only capable of reproducing themselves by seeds, but of cross impregnating with other hybrids through a second, and perhaps through several, series, this mode of designating the genealogy of a hybrid becomes in such cases impracticable ; and, to prevent inconvenience, practical botanists have latterly usually named hybrids after their originators, or the places at which they were originated; thus Potentilla Russelliana, Potentilla Mackayana, Potentilla Hopwoodiana, Calceolaria Youngu, Lupinus Marshallianus, were named from the persons who raised them; and Rhododendron alta-elerense was so called, because it was raised at Lord Caernarvon's, at High Clere ; frequently also a name is applied which only expresses in general terms that the plant is of hybrid origin, as �nothera bifrons : the terms hybrida, ambigua, intermedia, &c., are of this last kind.