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Book: Gardening Science - the Vegetable Kingdom
Chapter: Chapter 1: Plant Nomenclature

Botanists plant names

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995. The names which botanists give to varieties are of the simplest description; they always convey an idea of the variation which has taken place, and are used in addition to the specific name. Thus we have Caltha palustris, the species, and Caltha palustris flore pleno, the double-flowered caltha, &c. As a series of species are commonly numbered 1, 2, 3, &c., so the varieties of a species are generally, for distinction sake, designated by the letters of the Greek alphabet, thus: Brassica oleracea, the species; a. capitata, the first variety ; ᆵ. rubra, the second variety ; ?. sabauda; d. sabellica, &c. Generally, however, the species, or first state of the plant, is considered to be represented by a , and the first variety by ᆵ.