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Book: Gardening Science - Soils, Manure and the Environment
Chapter: Chapter 4: Weather and Climate

Wind is agitation of the air

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1398. Wind. Were it not for this agitation of the air, putrid effluvia arising from the habitations of man, and from vegetable substances, besides the exhalations from water, would soon render it unfit for respiration, and a general mortality would be the consequence. The prevailing winds of our own country, which were ascertained by order of the Royal Society of London, at London, are, Winds. Days. South-west-112 North-east-58 North-west-50 Winds. Days. West--53 South-cast-32 East--26 Winds. Days. South--18 North--16 The westerly winds blow more upon an average in each month of the year than any other, particularly in July and August; the north-cast wind prevails during January, March, April, May, and June, and is most unfrequent in February, July, September, and December; the north-west occurring more frequently from November to March and less so in September and October than in any other months.