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Book: Gardening Science - Soils, Manure and the Environment
Chapter: Chapter 1: Earths and Soils

The composition and nature of soils

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[Note:J.C. Loudon's "Gardening Science - the Vegetable Kingdom" was published as Part 2, Book 2 of JC Loudon's " Encyclopedia of Gardening". This edition was (1) edited by JCL in 1834 (2) re-published by Jane Web Loudon in 1850 (3) scanned, edited and re-titled by Tom Turner (TT) in 2005 (4) published in copyright, with Loudon's paragraph numbers retained so that scholars can find page numbers from the printed edition]. 1136. The composition and nature of material bodies, and the laws of their changes, form the next step in the study of the science of gardening. The earthy matters which compose the surface of the globe, the air and light of the atmosphere, the water precipitated from it, the heat and cold produced by the alternation of day and night, and by chemical composition and resolution, include all the elements concerned in vegetation. We shall consider in succession Earths and Soils, Manures, and the Atmosphere.