The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening tours by J.C. Loudon 1831-1842
Chapter: Villa of Mrs. Lawrence, at Drayton Green, in 1838

Drayton Green Italian Walk

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The next scene of interest is the Italian walk, arrived at the point S, in which, and looking back towards the paddock, we have, as a termination to one end of that walk, the rustic arch and vase fig. 48. From the point 9, we have the view of the Italian walk fig. 49., with a span-roofed green-house as the termination at the farther end, and an elegant fountain on the right hand. The border on the left is planted with the most choice herbaceous flowers, interspersed with standard roses at regular distances; and the wall is devoted in part to the finer fruits, but principally to climbing roses, and other climbing or twining shrubs of fragrance or beauty. At the point 10, there is a rustic archway of rockwork on the right, from which an interesting view across the lawn is obtained. At the point 11, there is a walk across the border to the bath-house, adjoining which is a camellia-house (12); and beyond that two long sheds (13, 14), for tools, pots, &c., with potting benches, and other places for garden materials and operations, and for the boilers to heat the bath, the camellia-house, &c. In the camellia-house there are sixty-seven of the finest species and varieties that can be procured.