The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening tours by J.C. Loudon 1831-1842
Chapter: Northern England and Southern Scotland in 1841

Glasgow Botanic Garden

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Glasgow New Botanic Garden.-We returned by the New Botanic Garden, and walked round it with Mr. Murray. When finished, it will combine a pleasure-ground with a scientific garden. The situation of the hothouses, and of the curator's house, is commanding; and between the terraces on which the hothouses stand and the main entrance, on a lower level, there will be at the bottom a large basin and fountain, and, next, a series of horizontal terraces, with steps, forming part of a broad walk up the middle, somewhat in the manner of the terraces and central straight walk at Sans Souci, but with this difference, that instead of training fruit trees on the low terrace walls, they will be devoted to half-hardy things. Perhaps we are mistaken in thinking that this is the plan. At all events, the work of forming the garden seemed going on with spirit.