The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening tours by J.C. Loudon 1831-1842
Chapter: Northern England and Southern Scotland in 1841

Garscube House

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GARSCUBE, Sir Archibald Campbell, Bart. - Imagine a broad extensive basin of park scenery, bounded on two sides by irregular banks finely wooded, and the two ends lost by the banks apparently closing on a noble river with a rocky bottom and sides. Such is the idea that we formed of Garscube, when first we emerged from the fine old wood which covers an approach conducted down one of the steep banks. The effect is striking, from the surface of the ground, and the manner in which it is entered from the public road. In most places the entrance is at right angles to the road, and the approach road within proceeds on a level surface, and for some distance, at least, in a line deviating very little from a perpendicular to the public road; but here the entrance is oblique to the public road, and turns close to the right, the surface rapidly descending through an umbrageous and scattered wood, with beautiful glades of turf, which at once gives rise to a train of ideas as to the cause of so remarkable a deviation from the normal arrangement in such matters. After turning to the right, and while the imagination is still at work, we are whirled down for a considerable distance, till, at the base of the slope, we emerge into a beautifully undulated park, containing a splendid river, close to which we see the house, in the domestic Gothic style of Mr. Burns. [Editor's Note: Garscube Sir Archibald Campbell, 2nd Baronet, demolished the original Garscube House, and a new house, designed in Elizabethan style by William Burn, was built in 1827. The house was demolished in 1954 and the site became the home of Glasgow Veterinary School.]