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Book: Gardening tours by J.C. Loudon 1831-1842
Chapter: Lincolnshire, Staffordshire, and Middlesex in the Spring of 1840

Harlaxton Manor

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HARLAXTON MANOR.- May 20. We had heard much of this place from various architects and amateurs for several years; and an accidental circumstance having brought us in communication with its proprietor, Gregory Gregory, Esq., that gentleman kindly acceded to our wish to see the works going forward on the new site chosen by him for the family residence. Mr. Gregory resides at Hungerton Hall, about five miles from Grantham, and his building and gardening operations are carrying on in a striking situation on the side of a hill, between Hungerton and Grantham, near the ancient village of Harlaxton, as well as in that village. The improvements consist of the erection of a large mansion in the style of James I., the laying out of gardens around it in the geometric style, and the picturesque decoration of the village. As Mr. Gregory superintends every part of these improvements very much himself, both as respects the design and detail, he has been obliged to confine the admission to these works, during their progress, to his own immediate acquaintance; both for the comfort of his own privacy, and on account of the disadvantages that would arise from the interruption of successive visiters. [Wikipedia: Harlaxton Manor, in Harlaxton, Lincolnshire, was built from 1837 onwards by Gregory Gregory. It is currently the home of the University of Evansville's British campus. ]