The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening tours by J.C. Loudon 1831-1842
Chapter: From London to Sheffield in the Spring of 1839

Tipping servants at country houses

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Gratuities to Servants at Show Houses. - Among other changes which have taken place since 1806, we may notice the difference in the gratuities given to servants for showing great houses. At that time, few persons, after being shown through such houses as Chatsworth, Bretby Hall, Wentworth House, &c., thought of giving less than gold; but now 5s., and even 2s. 6d., are received with thanks. We wish a similar reform could be made in the gratuities given to coachmen, guards, the drivers of post-chaises, and waiters. With respect to show houses, we sometimes think it would be an improvement, for every proprietor who had a show house to have a fixed sum per head for showing it on certain days, say to travellers; and to show it on certain other days, which may be supposed to be those in which the poorer persons of the neighbourhood will come, for nothing. However, it is much better that the houses of men of wealth and taste should be shown, even for a considerable sum, than not shown at all; because such exhibitions cannot fail to have some influence in improving the taste of the spectators, and showing the wealthy tradesman or manufacturer what he may aspire to.