The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening tours by J.C. Loudon 1831-1842
Chapter: From London to Sheffield in the Spring of 1839

Swarkstone Lowes

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Swarkstone Lowes; Mr. Smith.-This gentleman, noted as a breeder of horses and cattle, is also a great florist, and is reputed to have the best collection of tulips in Derbyshire. He possesses a great many fine sorts, and excels in several other kinds of florist's flowers and curious plants. He cultivates a particular kind of cabbage, called the early Cornish, which has large white ribs, somewhat like those of the Portugal cabbage, and which he considers far superior in flavour to any other variety. He has obligingly promised us to raise a quantity of seed, and send it to Mr. Charlwood for distribution. Mr. Smith kindly gave us some of the cabbages, which we had cooked, and found of excellent succulency and flavour. Among the shrubs in Mr. Smith's collection, we found the new mahonias, Berberis empetrifolia dulcis, several ribeses, and other choice species. [Swarkestone village in Derbyshireis famous forr it's ancient bridga and a Bronze age barrow]