The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening tours by J.C. Loudon 1831-1842
Chapter: From London to Sheffield in the Spring of 1839

Birmingham to Sheffield

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THOUGH notices of more than one of our tours have been left unfinished yet, before we resume them, we shall devote a few pages to some redirections of what we saw during a late excursion. Having been called professionally into Derbyshire, we went to Birmingham by the railway, and thence to Derby and Sheffield. At the latter town we saw the botanic gardes and the general cemetery, and in its neighbourhood Chatsworth; and near Derby we saw the different residences of the Messrs. Strutt, and also Bretby Hall Keddlestone Hall, Elvaston Castle, &c. Near Lichfield, on our return, we saw Manly Hall, Aldershaw, and several other places; and at Birmingham the botanic garden, Handsworth nursery, cemetery, town hall, new school, new market, &c. Having passed through the same tract of country, and seen nearly all the same places in 1806, and more than once between that period and our northern tour of 1831 (see our Vol. VII. p. 385.513. 644.), it may be useful to give a slight general glance at the comparative differences which we observed in the general face of the country, and in the appearance of the towns.