The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening tours by J.C. Loudon 1831-1842
Chapter: London to Manchester in the Spring of 1831

Architectural review panel

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A first-rate architect (Gandy, we believe) proposed, in one of his early works, that a committee of architects should be formed in London for the purpose of receiving the designs, accompanied by a small fee, of country builders, whether for original erections or exterior alterations, correcting them, and returning them to be executed. The idea we have always thought a good one, because it would, at least, prevent glaring absurdities. In viewing, day after day, since the 24th of April last, the repetition of so many errors, both in laying out grounds and in building houses, it has frequently occurred to us, that, had we but seen the plans previously to execution, we could easily have prevented them. It may be useful to state, that if any subscriber to both our Magazines, who intends to build or lay out grounds, thinks it worth while to send us his plans, free of all expense, we will return them, with our opinion on them, gratis; and if any person, not a subscriber to our Magazines, chooses to do the same, he shall have our opinion for the fee of 5l. We shall not, for this fee, make any plans: that must be a matter of future agreement; but we shall point out the errors in such a way that their author may correct them, if he thinks fit.