The Garden Guide

Book: Fragments on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, 1816
Chapter: Fragment XxxIII. Extracted From The Report On Sherringham Bower, In Norfolk, A Seat Of Abbot Upcher, Esq. Situation.

Hall site at at Sherringham, Norfolk

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THE SITE FOR THE HOUSE. This is an object most important in landscape gardening, yet there is none so often mistaken, or misunderstood, because mankind are apt to judge by the eye, rather than by the understanding, and oftener select objects for their beauty, rather than for their use or intrinsic worth. The experience of the inconveniences to which most beautiful situations are liable, has induced me to view the subject in all its bearings, and well to weigh against each other all the advantages and disadvantages which ought to influence our choice: these I have generally classed in the following order:-the aspect, the levels, objects of convenience, and, lastly, the views from the house.