The Garden Guide

Book: Fragments on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, 1816
Chapter: Fragment XxxIII. Extracted From The Report On Sherringham Bower, In Norfolk, A Seat Of Abbot Upcher, Esq. Situation.

Entrance approach to Sherringham Park

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Fifthly. Relative objects, or such as, though not immediately belonging, must be considered as relating to the place, and, therefore, must be properly connected with it, viz. the post-towns, the church and village, and the sea; to all which there must be roads, and these may be made highly ornamental, useful, and convenient, or the contrary. It fortunately happens, that the three roads from Aylsham, Holt, and Cromer, all meet at the summit of the hill, from whence the public roads descend steeply towards the two towns of Upper and Lower Sherringham; and, at this spot, I propose to enter the premises, and proceed to the house along a line of approach, the most easy, natural, varied, and beautiful; and, as it is nearer than the public road, it places the new site exactly at the same measured distance with the old one from the three post-towns, while the apparent distance will be shortened by a mile, because we are apt to consider ourselves arrived at a place as soon as we have passed the gate of the grounds, or woods, or parks, belonging to it.