The Garden Guide

Book: Fragments on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, 1816
Chapter: Fragment XxvIII. Containing Extracts From The Report On Woburn Abbey.

Gothic architecture at Woburn Abbey

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Hence it is evident that Gothic architecture will admit of larger apertures than Grecian; and although externally more massive, yet it is internally more capacious. It is requisite that the resistance of the sides, or abutments, should be equal to the lateral pressure of the arch, from the most massive bridge to the lightest roof of an abbey. Since the discovery of those wonderful excavations in India, of which no date remains, but which have been lately made known to us by the drawings of Hodges, Daniell, and other artists, I have been led to consider, that, besides the Grecian and Gothic styles, there may be a third, distinct from both, the origin of which was very different.