The Garden Guide

Book: Fragments on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, 1816
Chapter: Fragment XIII. Concerning Interiors.

Modern living rooms

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A MODERN LIVING-ROOM. No more the Cedar Parlour's formal gloom With dulness chills, 'tis now the Living-Boom; Where guests, to whim, or taste, or fancy true, Scatter'd in groups, their different plans pursue. Here politicians eagerly relate The last day's news, or the last night's debate; And there a lover's conquer'd by check-mate. Here, books of poetry, and books of prints, Furnish aspiring artists with new hints; Flow'rs, landscapes, figures, cram'd in one portfolio, There blend discordant tints, to form an olio. While discords twanging from the half-tun'd harp, Make dulness cheerful, changing flat to sharp. Here, 'midst exotic plants, the curious maid, Of Greek and Latin seems no more afraid; There lounging beaux and belles enjoy their folly; Nor less enjoying learned melancholy, Silent 'midst crowds, the doctor here looks big, Wrapp'd in his own importance, and his wig.