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Book: Designs for the pavilion at Brighton, 1808
Chapter: An Inquiry Into The Changes In Architecture

Gothic and Grecian Architecture

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IN obedience to the royal commands, "THAT I SHOULD DELIVER MY OPINION CONCERNING WHAT STYLE OF ARCHITECTURE WOULD BE MOST SUITABLE FOR THE PAVILLON," the following Inquiry into the Changes which Architecture has undergone in this Country, will not, I hope, be found irrelevant. Architecture has been classed under two general characters, Gothic and Grecian: * these have been jointly and separately discussed and explained in volumes without number; yet these discussions have furnished no fixed standard for determining the question, which style is most applicable to a palace; for such must always be the residence of royalty, whether it be large or small, and wherever it be situated. *[The Grecian style was introduced by Inigo Jones, under the auspices of his royal master, James the First.]