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Book: Designs for the pavilion at Brighton, 1808
Chapter: An Inquiry Into The Changes In Architecture

Construction of Indian architecture

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OF INDIAN CONSTRUCTION. UNDER the name of INDIAN ARCHITECTURE, may be included Hindustan, Gentoo, Chinese, or Turkish; which latter is a mixture of the other three. But this construction is distinct from the Gothic, in having little or no lateral pressure; and from the Grecian, in having a different mode of applying the perpendicular pressure; for although, at the first sight, we might be led to suppose the arches constructed on a centre, like those of Europe, yet, on a closer examination, they will be found to consist of horizontal strata, supported by the process of what is technically called "CORBELLING OUT," or placing the materials in such a position that the aperture may be larger at the bottom than the top, by each stratum of stone over-hanging the other [see fig. 131, c]. From the specimens discovered in the Indian excavations, there is no doubt but the original idea was taken from those subterraneous caves or grottos. [The meaning of 'Gentoo' is similar to that of Hindu. TT]