The Garden Guide

Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Colour planning of the garden by George F Tinley, Thomas Humphreys and Walter Irving (London, 1924)

September color planning

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The Michaelmas Daisies are so important in September and October that it is well worth while to give them a separate place, in addition to their use with other flowers in the mixed border. And though their colouring is restricted to shades of purple and pinkish, yet whole borders of them, if rightly arranged, are full of beauty and interest. It will be found better to concentrate on a few good kinds and have them in bold masses, than to try to accommodate a larger number of varieties. A few other plants may well go with them, especially the September-blooming Pyrethrum uliginosum, a big white Daisy that makes a better show among the Asters than any white variety of their own kind. The large pink-flowered Sedum spectabile, beloved of butterflies, will also be welcome, and some of the latest China Asters, notably the tall kind known as Vick�s White. The front edges may well be filled with the silvery Stachys and purple Ageratum both tall and dwarf. The tendency of growers who specialize in these excellent Asters seems of late to incline to the production of more of the pinkish kinds, but the use of these had better not be overdone, for the true character and chief beauty of Michaelmas Daisies must always be in those of the clear purple colourings.