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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Colour planning of the garden by George F Tinley, Thomas Humphreys and Walter Irving (London, 1924)

Colour planning of the garden

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Gertrude Jekyll wrote an introduction to a book by George F Tinley (Associate Editor of the Gardeners' Chronicle), Thomas Humphreys (Curator of Birmingham Botanic Gardens) and Walter Irving (Assistant Curator of the Kew Botanic Gardens). The main body of the text is largely out of date - because so many plant names have changed and so many varieties are no longer available. The colour plates are beautiful and the introduction, by Gertrude Jekyll, retains its interest. She was firmly of the view that gardens should be planned with areas which 'go off together' and so the text is arranged with advice on the plants to concentrate on in the 'gardeners' months' from January to September.