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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 9 Bedding plants

Yellow and white flowers

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The yellow and white portions pass from the palest of the Geraniums with a front planting of the useful, but in the past much misused, Golden Feather Feverfew, and a rather large quantity of a capital old garden plant, that has of late been much neglected, the variegated form of a native plant Mentha rotundifolia. The Feverfew is allowed to flower, but the variegated Mint has the flowering branches cut back so as to keep it to a more convenient height. It is one of the prettiest things as an underplanting to anything of white or yellow colour, and specially charming among the white Lilies (L. longiflorum); here and there it is brightened with thin drifts of the pale canary-yellow Calceolaria amplexicaulis. The plan shows the general arrangement of the other white and yellow flowers; yellow-bloomed Cannas both tall and short, Snapdragons white, lemon-white and yellow, and Primrose African Marigold. It needs some care to obtain the right colour of this Marigold. There are three distinct colourings of this fine half-hardy annual�the well-known deep orange, a middle yellow and the primrose. Unless the primrose or sulphur colour is insisted on seedsmen are apt to send the middle colour. I have it always from Messrs. Barr and Sons, who send the right colour without fail.