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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 9 Bedding plants

Bedding plant colour schemes

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These are in two main connected colour schemes� in gradations of reds, and of whites and yellows respectively. In the red portions the front is chiefly of Geraniums; Paul Crampel for the strongest red; it is a little softer and more pleasing to me than Raspail, which we formerly used. My eye has had too much tender tutoring to endure the popular Henry Jacoby� a colour that, for all its violence, has a harsh dullness that I find displeasing. Next to Paul Crampel we put one of the softer reds such as Mrs. Bartleman, and this leads to the fine salmon-coloured King of Denmark, and then to the paler salmon pink of Mme. Lemoine, a plant that has the additional advantage of a beautifully zoned leaf. Some such arrangement is followed throughout those portions of the garden where red colouring prevails; the plants for the back being three varieties of red-bloomed Cannas, one of them with well-coloured red foliage, and a larger growing kind with great leaves so much like those of a Banana that, having lost its original name, we know it as Canna Musa. This has the leaves slightly red-tinted. With these Cannas, arranged as shown in the plan, are thin drifts of Gladiolus Brenchleyensis and others of near colouring, among them the very fine and free Gladiolus Childsii William Faulkner; also the best of the scarlet and orange-scarlet Dahlias, both of the larger-flowered and pompon kinds, scarlet Pentstemon, Alonsoa, Lobelia cardinalis, and, behind the Geraniums, Salvia Pride of Zurich. In several places among the reds comes a drift of a fine garden form of the native Sedum Telephium. The quiet grey-green of the plant turns to a subdued chocolate-red, as the large, flat flower-head is developed. The introduction of this undergrowth of quieter related colouring greatly enhances the quality of the livelier reds and helps to put the whole thing together. One break of a white Lily (L. longiflorum) comes with fine effect among the reds.