The Garden Guide

Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 8 The flower border in August

Silver and white plants

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Next the path is the silvery white of Stachys, Cineraria maritima {Senecio cineraria} and Artemisia stelleriana, with the grey foliage and faint purple of the second bloom of Catmint. Then bushy masses of Lavender and Gypsophila, and between them Lilium longiflorum, Godetia Double Rose and white Snapdragons. Behind and among these are groups of the clear white Achillea The Pearl, and the round purple heads of Globe-thistle. Here and there, pushing to the front, is a Silver Thistle (Eryngium giganteum). At the back shoot up Pink Hollyhocks, the kind being one of home growth known as Pink Beauty. The deep green of a Fig-tree that covers the upper part of the landing and outside stone steps to a loft, is an excellent background to the tender greys of these August borders. Unfortunately, the main group of pink Hollyhock, that should have stood up straight and tall and shown well against the window and silvery-grey weather-boarding of the loft, failed altogether last season; in fact, all the Hollyhocks were poor and stunted, so that an important part of the intended effect was lost.