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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 8 The flower border in August

Blue and purple flowers

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In order to use both blue and purple in the flower border, this cool, western, grey-foliaged end has the blues, and the further, eastern end the purples. For although I like to use colour as a general rule in harmonies rather than contrasts, I prefer to avoid, except in occasional details, a mixture of blue and purple. At this end, therefore, there are flowers of pure blue �Delphinium, Anchusa, Salvia, Blue Cape Daisy and Lobelia, and it is only when the main mass of blue, of Delphiniums and Anchusas, is over that even the presence of the pale grey-blue of Campanula lactiflora is made welcome. Near the front is another pale grey-blue, that of Clematis davidiana{Clematis heracleifolia var davidiana}, just showing a few blooms, but not yet fully out.