The Garden Guide

Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 6 The main hardy flower border

Tall plant management

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Then there is the way of pulling down tall plants whose natural growth is upright. At the back of the yellow part of the border are some plants of a form of Helianthus orgyalis, trained down, as described later at p. 72. But other plants can be treated in the same way; the tall Rudbeckia Golden Glow, and Dahlias and Michaelmas Daisies. The tall Snapdragons can also be pulled down and made to cover a surprising space of bare ground with flowering side-shoots. As it is still impossible to prevent the occurrence of a blank here and there, or as the scene, viewed as a picture, may want some special accentuation or colouring, there is the way of keeping a reserve of plants in pots and dropping them in where they may be wanted. The thing that matters is that, in its season, the border shall be kept full and beautiful; by what means does not matter in the least. For this sort of work some of the most useful plants are Hydrangeas, Lilium longiflorum, candidum and auratum, and Campanula pyramidalis, both white and blue, and, for foliage, Funkia grandiflora, F. Sieboldii and hardy Ferns.