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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 6 The main hardy flower border

Michaelmas Daisies

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There are two borders of Michaelmas Daisies, one for the earlier sorts that flower in September and the other for the October kinds. They are in places that need not often be visited except in the blooming season, therefore we allow the supporting spray to be seen while the plants are growing. But early in August in the case of the September border, and early in September in the case of the one for October, we go round and regulate the plants, settling them among the sticks in their definite positions. When this is done every atom of projecting spray is cut away with the secateur. I hold that nothing unsightly should be seen in the garden. The shed for sticks and stakes is a lean-to at one end of the barn, showing to the garden. The roof had to be made at a very low pitch, and there was no roofing material suitable but galvanised iron. But a depth of four inches of peaty earth was put over the iron, and now it is a garden of Stonecrops and other plants that nourish in shallow soil in a hot exposure.