The Garden Guide

Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 5 The June garden

Scotch briar roses

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One of the joys of June is the beauty of the Scotch Briars. On the south side of the house there are Figs and Vines, Rosemary and China Roses, and then a path, from which easy stone steps lead up to the strip of lawn some fifty feet wide that skirts the wood. To right and left of the steps, for a length equal to that of the house-front, is a hedge of these charming little Roses. They are mostly double white, but some are rosy and some yellow. When it is not in flower the mass of small foliage is pleasant to see, and even in winter leaflessness the tangle of close-locked branches has an appearance of warm brown comfort that makes it good to have near a house.