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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 5 The June garden

Lilac purple planting

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On the side next the Hut the flowers are mostly of lilac and purple colouring with white. Pale lilac Irises, including the fine I. Pallida dalmatica and the rosy-lilac variety, Queen of the May; perennial Lupines, white, bluish lilac and purple�one of a conspicuous and rare deep red-purple of extreme richness without the slightest taint of a rank quality�a colour I can only call a strong wine-purple; then a clump of the feathery, ivory-white Spiroea Aruncus {Aruncus Sylvestris}, the large Meadowsweet that is so fine by the side of alpine torrents. There are also some flesh-pink Albiflora Peonies and lower growths of Catmint, and of the grand blue-purple Cranesbill, Geranium ibericum platyphyllum, with white and pale yellow Spanish Irises in generous tufts springing up between. At the blunt angle nearly opposite the dovecote is a pink cloud of London Pride; beyond it pale yellow Violas with more white Spanish Iris, leading to a happy combination of the blue Iris Cengialti and the bushy Aster Olearia Gunni, smothered in its white starry bloom. An early flowering Flag Iris, named Chamaeleon, nearly matches the colour of I. Cengialti; it is the bluest that I know of the Flag Irises, and is planted between and around the Olearias to form part of the colour-picture.