The Garden Guide

Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 4 Between spring and summer

Tree embowered garden

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Meanwhile the little tree-embowered garden has a quiet charm of its own. It seems to delight in its character of a Hidden Garden, and in the pleasant surprise that its sudden discovery provokes. For between it and its owner there is always a pretty little play of pretending that there is no garden there, and of being much surprised and delighted at finding, not only that there is one, but quite a pretty one. The Hidden Garden is so small in extent, and its boundaries are already so well grown, that there is no room for many of the beautiful things of the time of year. For May is the time for the blooming of the most important of our well-known flowering shrubs� Lilac, Guelder Rose, White Broom, Laburnum, and Pyrus malus floribunda {Malus floribunda}. But one shrub, as beautiful as any of these and as easily grown, seems to be forgotten. This is Exochorda grandiflora�related to the Spiraeas. Its pearl-like buds have earned it the name of Pearl Bush, but its whole lovely bloom should before now have secured it a place in every good garden.