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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 3 The spring garden

Jekyll drift planting

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Many years ago I came to the conclusion that in all flower borders it is better to plant in long rather than block-shaped patches. It not only has a more pictorial effect, but a thin long planting does not leave an unsightly empty space when the flowers are done and the leaves have perhaps died down. The word "drift" conveniently describes the shape I have in mind, and I commonly use it in speaking of these long-shaped plantings. Such drifts are shown faintly in the plan, reduced in number and simplified in form, but serving to show the general manner of planting. There are of course many plants that look best in a distinct clump or even as single examples, such as Dictamnus (the Burning Bush), and the beautiful pale yellow Poeonia wittmanniana, a single plant of which is marked W near the beginning of the main border