The Garden Guide

Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 3 The spring garden

Grey white and purple plants

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The point of the Near Rock next the path agrees with the colouring opposite, but also has features of its own; a groundwork of grey Antennaria, the soft lilac-pink of the good Aubrietia Moerheimi changing to the left to the fuller pink of Phlox amcena, and above to the type colour of Aubrietia and some of the strong purples such as the variety Dr. Mules. To the left, towards the oaks, the colouring is mostly purple, with stout tufts of the Spring Bitter Vetch (Orobus vernus {Lathyrus vernus}), purple Wallflowers, and, under and behind the nuts, purple Honesty. Thin streams of white Tulips intermingle with other streams of pink Tulips that crown the angle and flow down again to the main path between ridges of double Arabis, white Iberis, and cloudy masses of the pretty pale yellow Corydalis ochroleuca, which spreads into a wide carpet under the Tree Peonies and Clematis garlands