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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 2 The wood

Green wood walk

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This green wood walk, being the widest and most important, is treated more boldly than the others� with groups of Rhododendrons in the region rather near the house, and for the rest only a biggish patch of the two North American Brambles, the white-flowered Rubus nutkanus {Rubus parviflorus}, and the rosy R. odoratus. In spring the western region of tall Spanish Chestnuts, which begins just beyond the Rhododendrons, is carpeted with Poets' Narcissus; the note of tender white blossom being taken up and repeated by the bloom-clouds of Amelanchier, that charming little woodland flowering tree whose use in such ways is so much neglected. Close to the ground in the distance the light comes with brilliant effect through the young leaves of a widespread carpet of Lily of the Valley, whose clusters of sweet little white bells will be a delight to see a month hence.