The Garden Guide

Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 15 Some garden pictures

Clematis yew with arch

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In a shrubbery border the fine Spiraea Aruncus is beautiful with an interplanting of Thalictrum purpureum. At the end of a long flower-clump there is a yew hedge coming forward at right angles to the length of the border. Behind the hedge is a stone wall with an arch, through which the path in front of the border passes. Over the stone arch, and rambling partly over the yews, are the vigorous many-flowered growths of Clematis Flammula. At the end of the border are pale sulphur-coloured Hollyhocks. Both in form and colour this was a delightful picture; the foam-like masses of the Clematis resting on the dusky richness of the yew; the straight shafts of the Hollyhock giving clear colour and agreeing with the upright lines of the sides of the archway, which showed dimly in the shade. These are only a few incidents out of numbers that occur or are intentionally arranged