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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 14 Groupings of plants in pots

Raised beds and fountains

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In designing gardens where there are flagged spaces it is well to remember the good effect of summer flowers in slightly raised beds with stone edges. Such beds often come happily in conjunction with steps and paved landings and designs in which fountains occur. Summer flowers, such as Geraniums, Lilies and Cannas, seem to revel in such beds and are never seen to better advantage. Owing to the cottage character of my house I have little scope for such beds�none at all for the best kind with dwarf walls and curbs of moulded freestone, but I have one edged with a low wall of local sandstone where there is a square landing paved with the same stone and short flights of steps in connection with a tank and a lower garden level. Here Geraniums and Cannas luxuriate in shelter and full sunshine.