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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 14 Groupings of plants in pots

Italian plant pots

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It is a common thing in Italian gardens to see a quantity of plants in pots standing in various parts of the garden, generally in connection with paved terraces and steps. This is in addition to the larger pot plants �Oranges, Lemons, Oleanders, &c.�that, in their immense and often richly decorated earthenware receptacles, form an important part of the garden design. In our climate we cannot have these unless there is an Orangery or some such spacious place free from frost for housing them in winter. But good groupings of smaller plants in pots is a form of ornament that might be made more use of in our own gardens, especially where there are paved spaces near a house or in connection with a tank or fountain, so that there is convenient access to means of daily watering. I have such a space in a cool court nearly square in shape. A middle circle is paved, and all next the house is paved, on a level of one shallow step higher. It is on the sides of this raised step that the pot plants are grouped, leaving free access to a wooden seat in the middle, and a clear way to a door on the left.