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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 13 Climbing plants

Solanum jasminoides

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Another of the tender plants that is beautiful for walls and for free rambling over other wall-growths is Solanum jasminoides [Potato Vine]. Its white clusters come into bloom in middle summer and persist till latest autumn. In two gardens near me it is of singular beauty; in the one case on the sunny wall of a sheltered court where it covers a considerable space, in the other against a high south retaining-wall where, from the terrace above, the flowers are seen against the misty woodland of the middle distance and the pure grey-blue of the faraway hills. Turning round on the very same spot, there is the remarkable growth of the Sweet Verbena {Lippia citriodora}, that owes its luxuriance to its roots and main shoots being under shelter. There must be unending opportunities, where there are verandahs, of having just such bowers of sweetness to brush against in passing and to waft scented air to the windows of the rooms above.