The Garden Guide

Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 12 Gardens of special colouring

Special color garden plans

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A plan is given of a connected series of gardens of special colouring. For the sake of clearness they are shown in as simple a form as possible, but the same colour scheme could be adapted to others of more important design and larger extent. ("It is a curious thing that people will sometimes spoil some garden project for the sake of a word. For instance, a blue garden, for beauty's sake, may be hungering for a group of white Lilies, or for something of palest lemon-yellow, but it is not allowed to have it because it is called the blue garden, and there must be no flowers in it but blue flowers... Surely the business of the blue garden is to be beautiful as well as to be blue. My own idea is that it should be beautiful first, and then just as blue." Pale pink roses and soft lilac iris interspersed with vivid blue cranesbill geranium praetense.)