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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 12 Gardens of special colouring

Color theme gardening

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It is extremely interesting to work out gardens in which some special colouring predominates, and to those who, by natural endowment or careful eye-cultivation, possess or have acquired what artists understand by an eye for colour, it opens out a whole new range of garden delights. Arrangements of this kind are sometimes attempted, for occasionally I hear of a garden for blue plants, or a white garden, but I think such ideas are but rarely worked out with the best aims. I have in mind a whole series of gardens of restricted colouring, though I have not, alas, either room or means enough to work them out for myself, and have to be satisfied with an all-too-short length of double border for a grey scheme. But besides my small grey garden I badly want others, and especially a gold garden, a blue garden and a green garden; though the number of these desires might easily be multiplied.