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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 11 Wood and shrubbery edges

Hostas and lilies

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The two illustrations with the front planting of Funkia Sieboldii {Hosta sieboldiana} are two adjoining bays; one showing the charming shrubby Aster Olearia Gunni in the middle of June, the other some groups of Lilium longiflorum [Japanese Easter Lily], planted in November of the year before, and in bloom in early August. Between larger shrubs Sometimes a single plant of Gypsophila paniculata [Baby�s Breath] will fill the whole of one of the recesses or bays between the larger shrubs; Hydrangea paniculata is another good filling plant, and the hardy Fuchsias; both of these, though really woody shrubs, being cut down every winter and treated as herbaceous plants.