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Book: C.M Villiers Stuart Gardens of the Great Mughals
Chapter: Chapter 8 Summer gardens of Kashmir

Summer gardens of Kashmir

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CHAPTER VIII SUMMER GARDENS OF KASHMIR But see ! The rising moon of Heavn again Looks for us, Sweetheart, through the quivering plane; How oft, hereafter, rising will she look Among those leaves-for one of us in vain. OMAR KHAYYAM LEAVING Srinagar by the Jammu route, the old way was by boat up stream to Islamabad. A whole series of ruined gardens lies scattered throughout its length. In most cases they mark the site of royal camping-grounds, built for the convenience of the Court on the journey to and from the plains; while other gardens, like the ruins at Bawan, which lie off the direct route, were centred round a holy spring.