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Book: An inquiry into the changes of taste in landscape gardening, 1806
Chapter: Part III. Literary And Miscellaneous Remarks.

Richard Payne Knight Analytical Inquiry

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The elegant and gentlemanlike manner in which Mr. Price has examined my opinions, and explained his own, left no room for further controversy; and it might reasonably have been supposed the subject had been dropped: but I find myself again personally (though not by name) called upon to defend the Art of Landscape Gardening from the attacks of a late work, published under the title of "An analytical Inquiry into the Principles of Taste, by R. P. Knight, Esq.," Author of the "Landscape," a poem, and other ingenious works; it is full of allusions to landscape gardening, without taking any notice of those opinions delivered to the world in my two works on that subject; and which, from their scarcity and costliness of the plates, will probably be less read than the volume which now calls for my notice.