The Garden Guide

Book: A treatise on the theory and practice of landscape gardening, adapted to North America,1841
Chapter: Section VI. Vines and Climbing Plants

Glycine or Wistaria Wistaria pubescens

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The Glycine or Wistaria (Wistaria pubescens) is a very beautiful climbing plant, and adds much to the gracefulness of trees, when trained so as to hang from their lower branches. The leaves are pinnate, and the light purple flowers, which bloom in loose clusters like those of the Locust, are universally admired. The Chinese Wistaria (W. sinensis) is a very elegant species of this plant, which appears to be quite hardy here; and when loaded with its numerous large clusters of pendent blossoms, is highly ornamental. It grows rapidly, and, with but little care, will mount to a great height. These vines with pinnated foliage, would be remarkably appropriate when climbing up, and hanging from the branches of such light airy trees as the Three-thorned Acacia, the Locust, etc.