The Garden Guide

Book: A treatise on the theory and practice of landscape gardening, adapted to North America,1841
Chapter: Section IV. Deciduous Ornamental Trees

Locust tree Leguminosae

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Nat. Ord. (Natural Order) Leguminos�. Lin. Syst. (Linnean System) Diadelphia, Decandria. This is a well-known American tree, found growing wild in all of the states west of the Delaware River. It is a tree of secondary size, attaining generally the height of forty or fifty feet. The leaves are pinnated, bluish-green in color, and are thinly scattered over the branches. The white blossoms appear in June, and are highly fragrant and beautiful; and from them the Paris perfumers distil an extrait which greatly resembles orange-flower water, and is used for the same purposes.