The Garden Guide

Book: A treatise on the theory and practice of landscape gardening, adapted to North America,1841
Chapter: Section IV. Deciduous Ornamental Trees

Black gum Nyassa Sylvatica

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Besides the Peperidge there are three other Nyssas, natives of this continent, viz. the Black gum (N. Sylvatica), a tree of greater dimensions, and larger, more elongated leaves, whose northern boundary is the neighborhood of Philadelphia; the Large Tupelo (N. grandidentata), a tree of the largest size, with large, coarsely toothed foliage, and a large blue fruit, three-fourths of an inch long, which is sometimes called the wild olive; and the sour Tupelo (N. capitata), with long, smooth, laurel-like leaves, and light red, oval fruit, called the Wild Lime, from its abounding in a strong acid, resembling that of the latter fruit. Both the latter trees are natives of the southern states, and are little known north of Philadelphia.