The Garden Guide

Book: A treatise on the theory and practice of landscape gardening, adapted to North America,1841
Chapter: Appendix. II. Description of an English Suburban residence, CHESHUNT COTTAGE.

Cheshunt Cottage in London 5

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Rules to be observed by all persons working on these Premises, Master and Man. I. For every tool or implement of any description not returned to the usual place at night, or returned to a wrong place not appointed for it, or returned or hung up in a dirty or unfit state for work, the forfeit is 3d. "II. For every heap of sweepings or rakings left at night uncleared, forfeit 3d. "III. Every person making use of bad language to any person on these premises shall forfeit, for each and every such offence, 6d. "IV. Every person found drunk on these premises shall forfeit one shilling; and, if he be in regular employment on the premises, he shall be suspended from his employment one day for every hour he loses through drunkenness. "V. Every person who shall knowingly conceal or screen any person offending, shall be fined double the amount of the fine for the offence he so conceals, in addition to the fine of the offending party. "VI. All forfeits to be paid to the gardener, on or before the Saturday night following. If any person working regularly on the premises fail to conform to the above rules and regulations, the gardener shall be at liberty to stop his fines from his wages. Further, should any foreman or journeyman fail to comply with the above rules and regulations (with a knowledge of them), the gardener shall be at liberty to seize and sell his tools or part of them, to pay such fines, in one month from the time the offence was committed. "VII. All fines to be expended in a supper, yearly, to all the parties who have been fined."