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Vijaynagara City Hampi

Vijayanagara translates as 'City of Victory' and was once the capital of India’s most powerful kingdom. It is on the south bank of the Tungabhadra River and contains many sacred places in a sacred landscape. In a book on the Discovery of India, Nehru wrote that ‘There were arcades and magnificent galleries for the bazaars, and rising above them all was the palace of the king surrounded by "many rivulets and streams flowing through channels of cut stone, polished and even." The whole city was full of gardens, and because of them, as an Italian visitor in 1420, Nicolo Conti, writes, the circumference of the city was sixty miles. A later visitor was Paes, a Portuguese who came in 1522 after having visited the Italian cities of the Renaissance. The city of Vijayanagar, he says, is as "large as Rome and very beautiful to the sight"; it is full of charm and wonder with its innumerable lakes and waterways and fruit gardens. It is "the best-provided city in the world" and "everything abounds." The chambers of the palace were a mass of ivory, with roses and lotuses carved in ivory at the top--"it is so rich and beautiful that you would hardly find anywhere, another such." . See also Vijayanagara City.

Vijaynagara (Photo courtesy Thomas Brauner)
Hampi Vijaynagara  (Photo courtesy Nick Leonard)
Hampi Vijaynagara Map Plan

Bellary District, Northern Karnataka, India

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