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Mehrangarh Fort

Though it has internal courts and some greenspace, the platform at the highest level of the fort does not have gardens. The hilltop location is too exposed and too short of water. But at a lower level, and still protected by walls, there are spaces of the kind that would be called a bailey in Europe. See diagram of a European castle and bailey.Mehrangarh was built c1460. This is after the age of  European castle-building but influence is unlikely. People who live in castles, everywhere, want both security and a place to escape from the congestion of castle life.

From the ramparts of the fort one has an excellent view of the 'blue city's' roof tops and small domestic courts. Amongst the reasons for painting so many of the houses lilac blue were its association with the priestly caste (Brahmins) and its reputation for discouraging mosquitos. The palace is planned on a comparable basis to the town's private havelis - with deep courtyards to provide shade and high level terraces (often roofs) for use in the evening and night.

Jodhpur, India

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