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Hever Castle Garden

A moated Tudor castle with a twentieth century garden. The garden was made, after 1903, for William Waldorf Astor, with 1,000 men employed. Its style is Italian/Arts and Crafts and still contains the large collection of Italian sculpture which Astor assembled when American Ambassador in Rome. The gardens were designed by an architect (F L Pearson) and a nurseryman (J Cheale). A 38 acre lake was also made, dug by 800 workers over 2 years. The garden has topiary chessmen clipped from golden yew, a Pompeiian Wall, a great pergola, a loggia, a rose garden and a fountain inspired by the Villa d'Este. The garden is also used as a wedding venue.

Wedding venue

Hever offers weddings in the lakeside location of the Italian Garden, in the Castle and in the Astor Wing. See website for further details of Hever Castle garden weddings.

Aerial View. Photograph © Hever Castle Ltd
Italian Garden. Photograph ©
Pompeiian Wall. Photograph ©
Rose Garden. Photograph ©
Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge
Half-Moon Pond. Photograph ©
Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge
Photograph © Oxford Botanica/Adam Hodge
Chess Garden. Photograph ©

Hever, Nr Edenbridge, Kent, England, TN8 7NG

See Hever Castle website for details:-

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