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Hawkstone Park and Follies

An eighteenth century park, famous for its follies. Hawkstone Park was neglected for a century and then restored, in 1991, by the owners of the hotel which was built to accommodate the flood of visitors in the early nineteenth century. It was made by Sir Roland Hill and his son in dramatic countryside with hills, woods and rocks. The variety of paths, clefts, tunnels, passages and follies is incredible. The Park was used to represent C. S. Lewis' Narnia in the BBC adaptation.
Photograph © Hawkstone Park
Photograph © Hawkstone Park

Weston-under-Redcastle, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, SY4 5UY

Vary throughout the year, please check the Hawkstone Park website for details or call 01948 841700. Opens 10am.

Adult £6.00, Child £4.00

Visit the Hawkstone Park and Follies website

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