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Garden Tours in Turkey

Turkey has a fascinating history and a good climate for making gardens and enjoying outdoor living. It had great gardens in Roman and in Ottoman times. The outstanding example is Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. Formerly a Greek acropolis, it is the heart of the old city with amazing views over the Golden Horn, the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus. See list of gardens to visit in Turkey

Escorted garden tours of Turkey


Horticulture & Culture Tour of Turkey with Gursan Ergil, 25th April to 11th May 2014

Horticulture & Culture Tour of Turkey Take a journey along Turkish history and culture through its gardens and botany. This 17-day tour will take you through: Historical Parks & Gardens, Lectures, Private Landscapes, Arboretums, Nature walks for wild flowers, Organic Farms, Vineyards , Artist Studios, Botanic Gardens, Nurseries and Authentic Local Life while paying visit to many cultural and historical sites of Turkey.